Heifer Fundraiser Auction for Bronco Education Fund

December 30th,2011 marked the 25th anniversary of the tragic Swift Current Bronco bus accident that took the lives of four young hockey players – Scott Kruger, Trent Kresse, Chris Mantyka and Brent Ruff.

This tragedy fell very close to the Lamb family so they decided to continue to honour their memory with a heifer auction.

All proceeds will go to the Swift Current Broncos Education Fund.


1.  The final bid in each round will denote the amount of that bidder’s donation.  Example:

       Round 1 – Final bid is $300 to John Doe

                      John’s donatioin is $300

       Round 2 – Final bid is $250 to Tom Jones

                      Tom’s donation is $250

       Round 3 – The Female is re-auctioned on a downward scale until no further bids are received at the low of $10

2.  Each $10 purchased (donated) represents one chance in the final draw, eg. John Doe has 30 chances, Tom Jones has 25 chances and so on down the scale to the final $10 donation worth one chance each.

3.  One ticket for every $10, bearing the contributor’s name will be put into the draw barrel.

4.  At the end of the sale, one ticket will be drawn with that person winning the heifer up for auction!