Swift Current Broncos 50/50 Winners

The Innovation Credit Union 50/50 is an important fundraiser for the Swift Current Broncos.

2016-17 Winners:

September 16th: John Shaver $417.50

September 23rd: Jeffrey Parsons, IU-48733 $2,643

October 1st: Eliaja Lafontaine, IU-39956 $1,645

October 4th: Kelvin Glydow, IW-48469 $1,263

October 8th: Terry Revdle, IX-21804 $1,928

October 10th: Ron Spokowsk, IY-29649 $1,343

October 28th: Ken Koster, IZ-10728 $2,230

October 29th: Brad Gaetz, JA-18181 $1,383

November 2nd: Tanner Hyswick, JB-18160 $1,565

November 4th: Tanner Hyswick, JC-51594 $1,535

November 12th: Danny Fehr, JD-32607 $1,465

November 15th: Cory Cook, JE-54038 $1,373

November 18th: Leroy Steier, JF-44636 $1,848

November 22nd: Jake Friesen, JG-40874 $1,363

December 2nd: Bob Hansen, JI-48607 $4,873

December 4th: Bev Schulz, JJ-20612 $1,920

December 10th: Brian Cummings, JK-48848 $1,578

December 16th: Larry Grose, JL – 45,080 $1,723

December 27th: Barry Thompson, JM-50611 $2,375

December 30th: Mervin Watson, JN-18945 $3,055

January 3rd: Tanner Hyswick, JO-32006 $1,360

January 6th: Riley Nisbet, JP-19123 $1,623

January 7th: Jennifer Mackav, JQ-54084 $1,600

January 11th: Floyd Ohson, JU-38927 $1,455

January 14th: Shawna Cuthbert, JV-19878 $2,633

January 15th: Joanne Ruetz, JW-35907 $1,508

January 21st: Kim Wallace, JX-57777 $3,168

January 29th: Dana Weinbender, JY-32586 $1,718

February 1st: Kevin Haubrick, JZ-15537 $1343

February 4th: Thomas Abbott, KA-33208 $2,160

February 15th: Chelsea Froese, KB-39690 $2,290

February 17th: Dennis Dulck, KC-16056 $2,610

February 18th: Larry Empey, KD-21439 $9,120

February 28th: Tyler Wotherspoon KE-29447 $2,083

March 8th: Kerri Olson, KF-19351 $2,975

March 11th: Roger Michaud, KG-13916 $3,043

March 17th: Moira McBlain, KH-20779 $5,115


Broncos Dec.18th, 2015 50/50 is unclaimed – HZ-47508 $1593.00. Call or visit the Stable if you have that number. 306.773.1509

Broncos February 26th, 2016  50/50 is unclaimed –  IO-26833 $1580. Call or visit the Stable if you have that number. 306.773.1509