Broncos Broadcasting and Media – Details for 2019/20 Season

As previously released, the Swift Current Broncos are excited to move forward with a new era of media content production and distribution. This will include streaming game-day audio broadcasts, podcasts, and interviews that will provide Broncos Nation with leading in-depth coverage and access that we believe our fans will truly appreciate. Having now ensured affected parties have been appropriately considered, further details and information are detailed below, along with a brief FAQ section to address specific questions that may arise.

This move was carefully considered over many months, and is being made for several key reasons;

1. Providing league leading in-depth content

The content that can be provided through a Broncos managed production can provide fans with information, stories, interviews, and in-depth coverage that cannot be replicated by third party media sources. As discussed below, our broadcast manager will be ingrained in our organization and will function as a key link between fans and the Broncos operations and behind the scenes activities. The individual in this role will be required to push the current boundary of information quality to ensure that fans are getting fun, exciting, and interesting information that is rarely offered to fan bases of sports teams.

2. Long-term financial strength

The previous model of broadcasting did not provide the Broncos organization with the positive economic impact that sports broadcast rights at our level is expected to provide. By managing our own broadcasting and establishing a business model that leverages our full-time employees’ skill sets and abilities, we will be able to generate a positive financial benefit that will contribute to the long-term financial strength of our organization. Our duty as a not-for-profit organization is to ensure that stakeholders are provided with the energy and excitement of Swift Current Broncos hockey well into the future, and innovations such as this broadcast model will ensure that we are able to serve Broncos fans for many years to come.

3. Connecting to all generations and demographics

Technology has drastically shifted the way people consume content and communicate, and while this is most evident in younger generations, all generations and demographics have proven to be shifting towards the use of new technology and communication platforms. For the long-term health of the organization, it is necessary for the Broncos to ensure we cater to the tendencies of newer generations, to ensure that they are a key part of Broncos Nation in the years to come. At the same time, we are confident that all other demographic groups will be able to adopt our new audio streaming model with ease.

In order to ensure that this transition is as easy as possible, the Broncos will be providing users with instructions, tips, and demonstrations to fans and facilities as we begin to produce new and exciting content.

4. Sponsorship service and integration

Sponsors of the Broncos will now have to option to not only integrate another method of message delivery and sponsorship activation, but be able to do so while directly supporting the Broncos organization. We are infinitely grateful for the support we get from our local businesses, and this innovation will allow us to serve their needs in a more impactful way.

Broadcast details:

Beginning for the 2019-20 season, fans will be able to access pre-game, play-by-play, and post-game coverage through audio streaming sources such as our website and on handheld device applications. While this will shift the way our content is received and will require some user adjustments, the quality of the content provided will be well worth the initial learning needed during the adoption phase.

In preparing for this transition, we found that there are many different solutions and resources available to provide listeners with a great experience. We are committed to not only finding the best quality solutions for users to replace the FM Broncos broadcasts, but to improve on the experience by incorporating new features and capabilities.

Play-by-Play Personality:

The full-time position that will include Play-by-play broadcasting for the Broncos is one that will be responsible for many aspects of our organization’s operations, and as such the Broncos feel it is prudent to ensure this person is proficient in all of their key roles. It is the breadth and depth of this role that is key to the success of our communication strategy, as it will allow our broadcaster to have access to in depth information and stories to provide fans with premier content.

This person must not only show an ability to excel on broadcasts and podcasts, but be a dedicated Broncos employee who keeps the team and the community’s best interest in mind at all times.

As such, the Broncos will be evaluating applications based on the criteria needed to excel at all aspects of this role. Based on the roles and responsibilities required, we cannot assume any one individual will apply and meet our standards, but we are confident that our process will find an individual that fans of Swift Current will respect and appreciate.

Additional content:

A key success factor for our organization moving forward is to ensure fans are connected to our players, coaches, staff, events, and operations. In order to do so, we will be publishing content in various forms to ensure a steady flow of interesting information is being delivered to fans. Content delivery will occur through:

  • Live broadcasts
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Social media live posts
  • On-site activations

We are extremely excited for the potential of our shift in communication strategy, and are committed to ensuring the fan experience is the best it can be. We will continuously work to improve our delivery systems and content so that the transition to a new delivery method is as easy as possible, and that fans are getting the quality of content they deserve.  As we get closer to launching our new services, we will be releasing the details to the public to ensure our fans are informed.


1. How will rural residents be able to consume Broncos content?

Users will need access to an internet connection or cellular service coverage in order to stream the play-by-play audio live. As a result, access may be limited in areas where there is no cellular or internet service. This will affect the listening experience for some rural Broncos fans within the previous FM broadcast range that do have coverage in certain areas. This effect is one that we have carefully considered and are dedicated to providing solutions for. Solutions that we are investigating are:

  • Providing pre-game and other content in podcast format, that can be pre-loaded on to mobile devices while connected to internet/WIFI.
  • Providing the play-by-play broadcast and post-game in podcast format after the game to allow users to listen to the play-by-play while away from an internet or WIFI connection without having to stream using cellular data.

As technology and infrastructure continues to rapidly progress, we hope that these disruptions are short-term and that the affected rural residents are able to obtain Broncos broadcasts in a similar fashion in the near future.

2. Will 3rd party media still have access to Broncos interviews?

Yes – there will be no change in the availability of our staff for interviews with 3rd party media, to ensure that fans have access to the insights of other media sources.

3. How much cellular data is needed to listen to a full audio broadcast of a Broncos game?

A typical Broncos game will use approximately 90 to 120MBs of data if it was listened to entirely by streaming on cellular data.

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